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Cyberlaw Resources

The following general links and articles within cyberlaw may be of interest for you. For specific sources please see the topics to the right for further information.

Cyber law in Sweden, 2010, part of Kluwer’s International Encyclopaedia for Cyber Law

Society for Computers and Law (SCL), UK
Out-law, Legal news and guidance from Pinsent Masons, UK
VoxPopuLII, guest-blog by the Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School, US
Blawblaw, group blog of the Swedish Law & Informatics Research Institute

Articles & Journals
SCRIPTed, online journal associated with SCRIPT (the Centre for Research in Intellectual Property and Technology Law, based in the School of Law, University of Edinburgh
European Journal of Law and Technology (EJLT)
International journal of law and information technology (Oxford Journals)

ITU Internet Policy, Governance and Activities