Productivity for Legal Scholars

The following resources may be of use to you. They were also used as recommended resources in the GRiM (Global legal Research & Information Management: Legal Scholars and New Technologies) Winter School at Stockholm University.

Time & Focus Management
Measuring Your Workday in Pomodoros, Rose Hendricks at Gradhacker
Pomodoro technique - official website
Pomodoro technique explained with tips for apps at TUAW
Work in dashes by Merlin Mann on 43 Folder
Peter Doolittle: How your "working memory" makes sense of the world, TED talk
It Takes An Egg Timer, A Guide To Creating The Time For Your Life by Joanne Tombrakos - om Amazon
18 Minutes by Peter Bregman - on iBooks

Apps and tools
OmniFocus (Mac, iOS) - Get the iPhone & iPad app
Things (Mac, iOS) - Get the iPhone & iPad app
Remember the Milk (free, web) (Android, iPhone, web)
aTimeLogger 2 - keep track of your time - Get the iOS app

Finding Legal Information
Google Books
Google Scholar
Wolfram|Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine
DuckDuckGo - privacy aware search engine
TED - ideas worth spreading (audio & video podcast)

RSS services: Feedly (free), Feedwrangler (paid service), Feedbin (paid service)
RSS readers: Lire (iOS), Unread (iOS), Flipboard (iOS, Android)
Read later services: Pocket (iOS app), Instapaper (iOS app)

Organising Legal Information
Overview over different tools by Miriam Posner
Dropbox (web, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, etc) - Get 500 MB extra space - Get the iOS app
Evernote (web, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, etc) - Get a free month premium - Get the iOS app
Mendeley (web, Mac, Windows, iOS, etc) - Get the iPhone app
other suggestions by Stockholm University Library

A video by Christine on organising information is available (in Swedish) here

1Password - organise your passwords (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android) - Get the iPhone app

Mindmaps Mindmeister (free)
Mindmaps for Mac & iPad/iPhone (MindNode)

A video by Christine on structuring your thoughts is available (in Swedish) here

TextExpander (Mac, iOS) - Get the iOS app
Autotext (Windows)

Scrivener (Mac, Windows)
Notability (note taking app for iPad, audio recording) - Get the iOS app
Microsoft Office Training (online)

Presenting & Publishing
Prezi (web, Mac, Windows, iOS) - Get the iOS app
HaikuDeck (web, iOS) - Get the iOS app

General Tips
Thesis Whisperer - excellent blog with tips for writing your thesis
Legal Productivity (pdf) - How Project Management, GTD, and Tomatoes Can Transform the Way You Practice Law; e-book by Rocket Matter, US cloud service for lawyers
Hyperorganised - blog by Christine on productivity (see also the Twitter feed to the right here)

Apps that Legal Geek Girls are using every day